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  • Is fear of a panic attack hurting your career?
  • Is fear of a panic attack hurting your family?
  • Is fear of a panic attack damaging your reputation?
  • Is fear of a panic attack disabling even the most basic functions?
  • Are you ashamed of your panic attacks? (you shouldn’t be – read below)
How to Stop A Panic Attack

Don't Press The Panic Button!

Sometimes the fear of a panic attack is as bad as the actual panic attack. It can stop you from doing the things you want to do, the places you want to see, and the people you want to meet.

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Where Do Panic Attacks Come From?

The good news is that these panic attacks are actually a basic survival instinct.  Do you remember the “fight or flight” response that you learned about in school? To survive, humans who are scared need to decide whether to stand their ground (fight) or run away (flight).

Fight Response to Anxiety

Falling into water will trigger this response and most people will react with a “fight” response and start swimming to the edge of the water.

Flight Response to Anxiety Triggers

People tripping over a large lion will probably opt for the “flight” response and begin running away. I’d suggest finding a tree to climb!

Panic Attacks Are a Natural Reaction

So our survival instincts trigger in scary events in today’s world.

Events like

  • public speaking
  • a near crash in traffic
  • being selected from a group of people
  • confronting a bully
  • other stressful situations

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But I Need To Stop The Panic Attack!

Now you know why it happens.  Great – but you need to stop panic attacks!

I’ve found the best techniques for stopping panic attacks are natural and involve methods of calming and stopping the nervousness.

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I prefer natural methods of stopping panic attacks over medication because calming techniques put YOU in control. Is medication a crutch? What happens if you are sick and can’t get your medication?  Will you become anxious?

Relaxation techniques are always with you and in my humble opinion offer a better method of stopping panic attacks.

Stopping Panic Attacks Tips On This Website

I suffer from anxiety and I put together this website from information I found.
I hope you benefit from the following pages on this site that describe techniques for stopping panic attacks.  Click on the links below to read these articles.

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Take a look at the above ways of stopping panic attacks and let me know which tips work for you and suggest any new tips that I should include.

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